amarantinos said: what stores in salem would you recommend? I'm really interested in learning more about witchcraft

Go to the Coven’s Cottage. My old coworker just opened it this Summer, and it’s awesome! Her name is Nikki and she is a sweet, bubbly Leo. Also, go to pyramid books (I believe it is on derby st.) for gemstones and books.

Crow Haven Corner gave me bad vibes, but maybe you will like it. It’s the oldest witchcraft store in Salem. And I really like HEX on Essex st.- the women that work in there are lovely and will answer your questions.

Magicka on Pickering Wharf is just alright, but they have classes there I think, so maybe you could look into that. Omen I haven’t been too, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Also, don’t forget to go to the Harry Potter store and the wand store next to it if you’re a Harry Potter geek like myself!

deadleeves said: Bitchin Blog Girl! Season of the Witch! =D

Haha thank you kindly! Xx